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Make your railroad come alive


N scale now available

Five of our most popular miniprints
are now available in N scale.

I just finished a neat river scene

using your pelicans and was very,

very happy with the quality of

your product. Fun!

Scott Thornton
Ames, Iowa

Introducing Collections

Each Collection has 4 different species.
Available in 6 different ‘ecosystems’:
Polar, Desert (pictured) , Urban, Mountain,
Wetlands and Woodlands.

NMRAx Painting Clinic

Join miniprints founder
Bernard Hellen as he outlines the
five steps he uses to paint miniatures.
Clinic presented at the NMRAx
GatewayX online convention.

Wow! So incredibly impressed!

The detail, when you see them in person

and realize just how small they are, is amazing!

I’ll definitely be purchasing more from you as you expand the line.

Hector Turner
Brampton ON

Newest miniprints

Our newest prints are here. Check back frequently.
We take requests – the weirder the better!

The detail of the animals is second to none!

Everything right down to the packaging

is top-notch and well thought-out.

If I actually had eyes, I wouldn’t

be able to believe them!




How it's made

We are on ‘It’s Train Time’ with Joe Laroche
and Peter Hall from 
Check out a behind-the-scenes look at how we make miniprints.

Now shipping internationally   •    FREE shipping on orders over $100 USD

I have received some beautiful animals today from miniprints and the details are the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to HO scale animals. Job well done!

Joe Laroche

New Additions

These miniprints are available in HO, S and O scale. SATISFACTION is guaranteed.

Looking good…will be much welcomed addition to my club The Hamilton Society of Model Railroads – HSMR.

Kenneth Fielding

Hamilton, ON

Contact us for custom work, special quantities or any ideas for miniprints.

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